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ROBUSBAR® İnşaat Teknolojileri Kompozit İmalat ve San. Tic.A.Ş. (A joint stock company engaged in construction technologies, composite manufacture, industry and trade) was founded at Menemen Free Zone in the year 2017.

It’s primary target while producing composite polymer rebars (FRP) to be used in construction and building sector, is to improve product quality, ensure the standards are met and even lead the regulations of our country, which present shortages in this progressing technology.

It performs FIBER-REINFORCED POLYMER (FRP) Research and Development works under the registered mark ROBUSBAR®. The target is to elaborate the product and utilization field of FRP-B model, which is produced from fiber basalt reinforced with aramid instead of widely produced fiber glass and providing higher breaking strength with smaller sections. The company continues its works with the Project conducted with Dokuz Eylül University Geotechnics Division and Small and Medium Industry Development Organization in order to research and elaborate the utilization of the product instead of pre stressed concrete bundle, which is a soil reinforcement anchorage.

When considering utilization of FRP Equipment Rebars in our country, we can see that they are favored in reinforced concrete applications of recent years instead of steel. They have been used in giant projects such as 3rd bridge, Istanbul underground railway constructions and 3rd airport.

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Usage Areas

Usage examples in the world and in our country

Tunnels - Subway Constructions - Mines
Permanent Soil Reinforceent Structures
Bored Piles
Pool Constructions
Reinforcement Of Concrete Structures
Rail Systemsr
Restoration Projects
Dams and Seaside Structures

Our Products

Information about our products can be found below.


Basalt fiber reinforced polymer rod. Reinforcement bar consisting of low fiber and epoxy resin


Glass fiber reinforced polymer rod. Reinforcing bar made of glass fiber and epoxy resin


Glass fiber reinforced polymer rod. Reinforcement bar made of glass fiber and polyester resin


Kevlar reinforced basalt fiber reinforced polymer rod. Reinforcing bar of basalt fiber with Kevlar fiber reinforcement and epoxy resin

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FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) Özellikleri

Çekme Dayanımı
FRP-B'nin çekme dayanımı, aynı çaptaki inşaat demirinin üç ila beş katıdır.

Eşit çekme dayanımındaki inşaat demirinden 19 kat
Eşit çaptaki inşaat demirinden 4 kat daha hafiftir.

İnşaatın toplam maliyetini azaltır.

Isı Genleşme Kat Sayıları
Beton ile aynı genleşme katsayısına sahiptir.
Bu, betonun aşırı sıcaklıklardan zarar görmesini önler.

Isıya Dayanıklık
-70 derece ile +100 derece aralığında yapısal özellikleri değişime uğramaz.

Montaj Kolaylığı
Hafif yapıda inşaat malzemesidir. İnşaatta taşıma ve montaj işleri için herhangi bir özel amaçlı makine gerekmez.

Elektromanyetik Değildir
Dielektrik ve Radyo Transparandır. Elektromanyetik alanların etkisinden dolayı mukavemet özelliklerinde değişiklik olmaz.

Agresif Kimyasallar Yapısını Bozmaz
Paslanmaz veya çürümez.
Asitlerin, tuzların ve alkalilerin etkisi altında mekanik özelliklerini değiştirmez.

The penetration of alkalis within the concrete towards the concrete surface causes corrosion and rust in the reinforcement

Cearbonic gases created by air pollution united with sulfuric anhydride caused by acid rains and pure water from rain penetrating the concrete body cause rust in the reinforcement and decrease concrete PH, deteriorating its strength.

Unprotected reinforcement rusts at water contact and its volume expands 4 to 6 folds. This causes concrete cracking.

Unprotected reinforcement rusts at water contact and its volume expands 4 to 6 folds. This causes concrete cracking.


  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Airports
  • Field concrete
  • Tunnel construction
  • Bored piles
  • Wind Powerhouses Foundations
  • Stream bed improvement
  • Pools
  • Underground structures
  • Harbor structures and warehouses
  • Car parks and Industrial grounds
  • Shore line sets
  • Prefabricated elements
  • Highways
  • Power transmission lines
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Natural gas storage plants
  • Column reinforcement
  • Mines
  • Piers
  • Pedestrian ways
  • Provisional soil reinforcement anchorage
  • Permanent soil reinforcement anchorage
  • Salt storage plants
  • Deep tunnel digging machine opening (soft eye)
  • Consecutive digging or New Austrian Tunnel Method tunnelling
  • Rockbolts
  • Reinforcement of clay piling wals in restauration
  • Reinforcement of concrete walls
  • Column reinforcement, deflecting flooring
  • MRI spaces of hospitals
  • Light and heavy rail systems
  • Sewage wells
  • Warehouses of purification plants
  • Greenhouses
  • Concrete pre-cast elements
  • Soils needing increase in bearing capacity
  • Other structures which are projected as per calculations and safety principles different than buildings, likely to ıncur corrosion due to chloride ions or other chemicals or sea water effects , need equipment other than steel due to electromagnetic environment or need temperature impermeability

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